The Apartment Block

Imagine, if you will. You live in a gorgeous apartment block. It’s really stunning and it has everything you need. There are some addicts a few floors down from you, and their actions are causing problems. The water supply is being affected, reduced dramatically and what remains tainted. The air quality is being badly affected, even though the block has a state of the art air conditioning system. The addicts keep buying the things they are addicted to, even though the methods used to produce them are not only affecting the air and water, they are affecting the very foundations of the building itself. You’ve told them personally, your good neighbours have told them, building inspectors, even the CEO of your local authority has told them and still they continue. You want nothing more than to keep the apartment, the whole block in fact, as pristine and desirable as it was when you moved in, but the addicts won’t listen. You wanted to leave it to your kids, but the addicts aren’t paying attention.

Pretty soon the entire block might be condemned, deemed unfit for habitation.

And that my dear facebook friends, is EXACTLY what it feels like being vegan in a world with still, STILL, far too many meat and dairy consumers. Only it isn’t an apartment block.

It is Planet Earth.


Paul J. Burgess ©

Dog Milk?!!

Dog milk? DOG MILK!

Apparently good for humans, this “substance” is now being produced in what I expect will be the first of many ‘kennel farms’.

The first has only three hundred bitches and one male dog they call the stud. Staff use this tool type thing to basically masturbate the dog and collect the sperm, sometimes daily. Then they stick a tool up the bitches anus, to stimulate the vagina, whilst they artificially inseminate them one by one.

Once pregnant they are left to start producing the milk, which is taken as soon as it can be taken. When the puppies are born, they are taken away almost immediately, leaving the bitches and puppies in terrible distress. (Still producing milk though, so it’s all good.)

Male puppies are almost always immediately killed. A bullet or hammer to the head is quick and “humane”. Odd males are kept alive to become studs. Not many though.

Female puppies will be fed a substitute, and will follow in their mothers footsteps.

Mothers or bitches, will be made to have up to four litters, before they are humanely killed (often by throat slitting) for ‘meat’.


Isn’t it.

Wait, did I say dogs?

I meant cows.



Paul J. Burgess ©