Pie, Theory.

You may have heard me use pie as a tool for analogy many times over the years.

The usual tale being that I believe people who have lots of pie, too much for them to eat, should simply share the pie rather than letting it go to waste. It fits in with friends who don’t recommend you to people or for things you’d benefit from, as they want it all themselves, and stretches right up to the sickeningly rich, who gather around their pies like a bear around her cubs.

I also believe that if you only have enough pie for you and yours, but you have a really good pie recipe, you should at the very least, share that.

Now there was a time when those gorging on pie at the top, would at least allow their crumbs to fall down upon us hungry pie hunters, but the greedy beggars got wise to it and started to wear those plastic bibs with a collection trough at the bottom.

No more crumbs for us.

Those at the very top, will throw fabulous pie parties, they’ll manipulate the system so that pie goes to them first, they’ll find way to ensure we don’t even get the crumbs.

And still there are people shouting.

“Let them have the pie and us the crumbs, it is what we voted for, after all”

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